30 Day Fallout Challenge:
Day 21: Most surreal moment in Fallout you’ve experienced? The AntAgonizer & The Mechanist

"You and your pathetic tin cans are no match for my army." x

So tell us, as someone who enjoys both Metal Gear and Fallout. Has war changed? Or does war never change?


The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Chase and I talk about this all the time, because his favorite franchise is metal gear lol

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Vulpes attacked me for no reason. I promptly shot him to death.


I can’t believe that the legion would just be violent like that they’re always so nice

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Camp Forlorn Hope graveyard

If standing in the graveyard the Courier will hear ghostly voices. Turn off all music and his/her radio for maximum effect. This sound can also be heard in the graveyard next to the Bitter Springs refugee camp, reflecting on the massive loss of life in both locations.


Vault-tec Assisted Targeting System 

Photos of our trusty V.a.t.s working in action.

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"You do know why I wanted to meet you, right?"

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